Real Life (tm) has meant that I've been on hiatus from any home coding since late January - real life will always take priority over all of this.  The most recent build of Melchior's is from the 29th of January, and I appreciate that I've been largely quiet from Twitter and completely missed the Spectrum's 40th anniversary, which was the target I was aiming for a release.  (maybe I should aim for the 128K machine's birthday next?)

Hopefully by now a lot of you have played the main PC version of this game, and appreciate how absolutely amazing it is, and possibly what a huge task it is bringing it to the humble Speccy - especially when you consider that the game is actually four games in one, with a different quest for each character.  My conversion has three of those quests completable, so just one more to code up ('just' tasks always take ages!), and a number of bugs to iron-out - some major, some minor.  It also needs a nice loading screen, and I'll probably redesign some of the menu screens from their first iterations as well.  I think I'll also need to add some compression to the loading as well, as the build takes over 12 minutes to load.

Hopefully I'll get back into coding this shortly.


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About the 12 minutes loading time, how about making it a multi load, for each quest? That could maybe even help to make it run on a 48k?

Unfortunately, although it was initially my dream for this, it will never run in 48k even if each character was a different load - the graphics for all the rooms take more than the available space on their own.  I really want to have everything loaded at once, and be able to swap characters literally at the press of a key.  I think multi-loads are awful!

Life heh, gets in the way of all the best plans.  Stay away until the time is both available and right :)   Real life is more important than ones and zeros.