Week 99

Not much progress this week - quite the opposite in fact, as whilst trying to add the graphics for the new Ghost enemy (as seen in the PC demo recently made available) I ran out of memory!  I haven't completely filled the whole 128K, but one of the 16K pages which is rather crucial to the main game running, so I've had to have a good think about how to solve this.

I could simplify the game content - make the graphics smaller, less rooms (etc) - or try to be more efficient with memory usage, which usually comes with a reduction in the game speed.  I've opted for the latter, as I really want this game to remain as close as possible to the PC version, and so have an idea as to how to reduce the overheads of the screen drawing routines.  I've no idea yet what impact this will have on the speed of the game, hopefully very little, but I won't know for a while as it's quite a rewrite of that code, and also of how the graphics are stored.  It should result in over 6K being freed up though, which is more than enough for what is required.

Wish me luck,..


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Good luck Bob ;o)

Thanks!  Getting everything glued back together slowly - the floors and walls are now displaying again, so ‘just’ the player, ghosts, objects, doors, HUD, and all the front end still to do...

Ahh not much then :o)

Good luck :)

Thank you! :)

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Good luck! Quite the task you've set yourself, but we're all cheering you on from the sidelines.

Thanks for the support and encouragement, it’s much appreciated!  I’m slowly glueing the game back together, re-writing each section of the rendering engine as I go.  It’ll likely take a week or two, but will hopefully free a lot of memory and mean that I can continue writing the game as a true conversion of the original