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48K ZX Spectrum - 2009

Tumble & roll your block around the levels in order to reach the exit. Use the switches, teleports, glass, crumbling & splitter tiles around the level to your best advantage, and to complete each level in the least number of moves.

There are a number of games like this to be found on the internet at the moment, and with my love for puzzle games I thought it was about time it made its way onto the Spectrum, especially as I could utilise an isometric viewpoint for the game which I think always looks cool on the Speccy.

The game itself is a collaboration with a number of the talented people from the World Of Spectrum forums - Mister Beep provides the fantastic 48K beeper tunes used throughout - I'm overjoyed to at last have a 48K game which actually sounds good! Other WOSers - Jumping Stack, Karl Gillott, Mulder, & ZnorXman - have all provided excellent levels for the game, and Kev Thacker provided the name for the game.

RetroGamer - "Things start simple to introduce features... ...but the puzzles soon become devious. Puzzling through each stage is a challenge that many gamers should enjoy" - 89%

Release date Apr 22, 2009
AuthorBob's Stuff
Tags8-Bit, Retro, sinclair, whb, xyz, ZX Spectrum


whb.zip - TZX emulator file 19 kB


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Is there any way to contact you directly about this game? I sent a message to your Twitter page, thank you :)