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48K ZX Spectrum - 2008

"Text-Only Grand-Prix 2009" features all the fun of typing, and none of the action, speed, thrills or spills of Formula 1 - including the Singapore night-race.

What more can I say? Painstakingly written in BASIC (and I mean that - I haven't written in BASIC for over 25 years!) this was my entry for the CSSCGC, and I was very proud of the result. So far this has been the only release in the text-only series, but you never know...

Rated 18th in the comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Compo 2008 (CSSCGC), with the following comments: 

"This is certainly an artisan entry in the annals of the CGC. The thrills and spills of F1 racing completely neutered in the form of a text-only boredom-athon. More than just a quick gag though, in this game each individual track layout has been painstakingly entered into DATA statements in the pursuit of an accurate and realistic text simulation. I just love the use of FLASH attribute on the chequered flags on the track selection screen. Make your way around one or two of the tracks by all means but a quest to play every track would only be attempted by the insane."


togp2009.zip - TZX emulator file 5 kB


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