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16K ZX81 - 2012

Move the various shapes into a given space to complete each level, ensuring that none of the tiles overlap at any time. It may sound simple, but with limited room in which to arrange the tiles within things soon start to get claustrophobic...

Following from the excellent Miner Man another conversion of one of Electric Wolf's Xbox 360 games to the ZX81. Again, it doesn't have some of the in-game features, any sound, colour graphics, and such like, but this time we have managed to improve upon the original by adding an extra 12 levels to take the total to 60, and have even converted the use of an avatar from the original!

More details on the original game, called 'Cool Shapes' can be found at the Electric Wolf website - http://www.electricwolf.co.uk/ - which also contains a link to the Xbox marketplace where you can shortly download the demo or full version of the game.  There is a video of the game on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7YYdiLdBGU

Release date Oct 19, 2012
AuthorBob's Stuff
Tags8-Bit, Lo-fi, noir-shapes, Retro, sinclair, zx81


noirshapes.zip - .P emulator file & instructions 14 kB


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Need a hint?

Here's a full walkthrough of this marvelous game (and some comments in spanish)
Cheers to Bob and long live to zx81