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128K ZX Spectrum - 2010

Help Herbert free his friend & mentor Octo the Octopus who has been captured & imprisoned, held by eight locks. Herbert must find the 8 keys in a journey that takes him to the other side of the world, and to hell and back!

In the final stages of development, awaiting AY-Music and a good bit of spit & polish. The game itself is a classic flick-screen maze / adventure game, spread across over 200 screens, each unique as I always disliked other similar games where all the screens look too similar to be sure where you are.

Currently unreleased in its final form. The last work-in-progress version is available to Download.

Release date Dec 24, 2010
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorBob's Stuff
Tags8-Bit, herbert-the-turbot, Retro, sinclair, wip, ZX Spectrum


herbert_wip.zip - TZX emulator file & instructions 53 kB


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When will be the final released ? The game looks and play awesome at the moment.


Sorry, but this game will never be finished. It was mothballed some years ago.  If I was to resurrect the idea I’d probably write it very differently today, and so it would be a completely new project.

How do I play this please? Looks really cool

The game should basically work, but there will be long pauses before it can be played whilst the map data is being correlated. it’s been many years since I played it last, but I seem to remember that it can be completed by collecting all 8 keys.

I downloaded Speccy and it works with that, thanks for the answer

 cool game btw