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16K ZX81 - 2010

Arrange the dominoes as they tumble from the sky so that matching digits are adjacent, either horizontally or vertically, to each other. Align the same number of digits as the digit itself to make those dominoes disappear.

Originally written for the ZX Spectrum in 2005 as a test to see if I still could, and still wanted to, code in Z80 assembler, it seemed a perfect choice to attempt this game again as my first title on the ZX81.

Thanks to contributions on the Bob's Stuff Facebook page, and also of the ZX81 forums hosted by RWAP services, the game has grown and improved from its original implementation with new features, such as Bombs, a larger playing area, an additional control method, and the option for initial random rows.

MicroMart - "This game is an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable one... At least as good as its Speccy counter-part, and has more options to you with in relation to how difficult you want the game to be" - 7/10

Release date Jan 19, 2010
AuthorBob's Stuff
Tags8-Bit, domin8tr1s, Lo-fi, Retro, sinclair, Tetris, zx81


dom81.zip - .P emulator file & instructions 4 kB

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