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iOS - 2016

It's a match 3 game!
It's a match 4 game!
It's a match 5 game!
It's a match 6 game!

Build a chain of as many tiles as the number shown on the tile to explode the chain and get the score. Make a longer chain and get a higher score! Rotate the tiles for extra possibilities!

How much can you score in 30 seconds? or 60? or 90?

What if you only have 30 moves to make? or 60? or 90?

What if you only had 2 moves to make a chain, and then 2 to make the next, and could keep going as long as you could?

Compete against your friends, and compare your score against the rest of the world in the global leaderboards, or just for your own satisfaction

Try you hand at 10 puzzle levels, where you need to remove all the tiles, and go for Bronze, Silver, or Gold stars on each!

Choose from 4 different tiles sets - Dice, Tiles, Pool balls, and character blocks from the famous British ZX Spectrum computer - and various background shades

There are NO ads in the game to interrupt the game, and NO in-app purchases needed to unlock progress or features

Release date Mar 26, 2017
AuthorBob's Stuff

Available on

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